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The SNIA Common HBA API is an industry standard, programming interface for accessing management information in Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBA). Developed through the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), the HBA API has been overwhelmingly adopted by Storage Area Network vendors to help manage, monitor, and deploy storage area networks in an interoperable way.

The HBA API is implemented as a set of 'C' level APIs, which allow access to low level, Fibre Channel HBA information in a platform- and vendor- independent way.

The HBAVERIFY project is a software application, originally developed by TROIKA Networks, Inc. and released to open source, to help test implementations of the HBA API, and ensure compatibility across different vendor implementations.

You can access the SourceForge development pages here.


The work of the SNIA Fibre Channel Working Group is submitted to the ANSI T11 FC-MI group for inclusion in the FC-MI specification.

  • Latest HBA API 1.0 Specification (Current) T11/01-004v4
  • Original SNIA HBA API 1.0 Specification (Obsolete)

    The SNIA Fibre Channel Working Group (HBA API Subgroup) is currently working on revision 2.0 of the API.

  • Latest HBA API 2.0 Specification


    All source for HBAVERIFY is maintained through SourceForge.
  • SourceForge HBAVERIFY project.

    The SNIA provides an open-source, 1.0 reference implementation of the HBA API available on its web site free-of charge. Find it at http://www.snia.org.
  • HBA API 1.0 working source code (Latest).
  • Sample HBA API 1.0 Source Code at SNIA (Obsolete)


    Latest build: hbaverify0.1.zip (Win32)

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